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PlayRoll Spin Ball with LED Light and Catnip Compartment by Felix & Fido

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  • The PLAYROLL! is literally a BALL OF FUN for your pet! The Playroll robotic ball has a self spinning motor inside of it which causes the Playroll to roll continuously while on - FOR YOUR PET TO CHASE AND CATCH! When encountering obstacles, the Playroll will simply CHANGE DIRECTION AND CONTINUE ROLLING!
  • EASY TO USE CONTROLS- To initially power on, unscrew the 2 halves of the Playroll and press the small power button inside (a single LED flash will indicate unit is on), screw the 2 halves back together and device will begin working! The Playroll self spinning cat toy will work for 5 minutes (30 seconds of rolling and 6 seconds of idling). After 5 minutes the Playroll will automatically go to sleep. Your pet can wake it up at any time though!
  • SHAKE AWAKE! Once you initially turn the unit on- there is no need to keep opening and closing the screw cover (unless you want to charge the unit or do a full shut off)- simply shake the device to turn it off and shake it up and down to turn it back on- IT'S THAT EASY!! Device can be charged through a micro USB port (Cable included)- 1 charge lasts 5 hours of continuous play!
  • BUILT IN CATNIP CHAMBER AND LED LIGHT- the inside of the Playroll Self Spinning Robotic Ball houses a small catnip chamber- Add catnip to encourage your furry friend to play! Special scent emitting holes allow the catnip scent to escape from the Playroll and attract your cat! The Self Spinning motor also contains a mild LED light which spins within the ball - further encouraging playtime! Leave your pets with A playroll so they can have fun while you are away! Provides hours of self play fun!!
  • AT FELIX & FIDO WE STAND BEHIND OUR PRODUCTS 100%- should you have any issues with your Playroll or you are simply not satisfied with your purchase - please let us know and we will do what it takes to make you a happy customer!