DrinkSmart App Controlled Pet Water Fountain by Felix & Fido

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  • SMART APP REMOTE CONTROL- The Drinksmart water fountain for pets is App controlled and can control the fountain remotely to turn it on/off so you never forget to leave water for your furry friend again! The App tells you if the machine is running, what the water level is, alerts you to low water levels, reminds you to change your filter, and more! Set up is fast and easy!
  • Holds Lots of water! The Drinksmart pet water fountain bowl holds 2 Liters of water so you won't need to refill your water so frequently and your pet will have PLENTY to drink! The Drinksmart pet water dispenser also has a convenient 2 bowl design so you can leave the base plugged into the wall and remove only the insert bowl to refill at your sink. When finished refilling, simply put the water bucket back into the base and machine is again ready for use!
  • VERY QUIET! The Drinksmart smart pet water fountain has a super quiet motor so that it will not disturb you or your pets. Very Safe! Our pet water dispenser bowl is made from BPA free, non toxic and odorless materials while the tube and pump mount are made from food grade silicone.Our automatic pet water dispenser also has an automatic shut off feature- if the app is alerted to low water level, the fountain will turn off automatically to prevent the pump from burning out.
  • UNIQUE 3 STAGE FILTRATION/PURIFICATION SYSTEM- Fine screen mesh Effectively traps hair and solids from coming up through the water supply. Activated Carbon Effectively removes odors, bad tastes, chlorine, and particles. Ion exchange resin filter effectively purifies the water making it clean, delicious, and safe for your furry friend to enjoy!! Unique design only exposes a stream of water at any given time keeping water much cleaner than other fountains.
  • Sleek Modern design will make the Drinksmart automatic pet water dispenser fit nicely in any space you have. machine comes apart very easily making cleaning it a breeze! Replaceable filter and pump sticker included in the box. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! At Felix & Fido we stand behind our products- if you are not happy for any reason, we promise to make things right!