Fresh Step

Fresh Step Extreme Clay, Non Clumping Cat Litter, Scented (21-Lbs.)

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Fresh Step Extreme Clay Cat Litter contains an antimicrobial agent that inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria on the litter. The high quality, non clumping clay quickly absorbs liquids and traps odors. It uses activated carbon to provide around the clock extreme odor neutralization. This carbon eliminates odors by trapping and filtering them out. A paw activated fragrance is released every time your cat uses the litter box, providing odor control as needed without being overpowering. This clay litter weighs 30% less than other clay cat litters, making it easier to handle when it is time to change the box. To refresh and maintain your litter box, every time you scoop just add more Fresh Step cat litter.


  • CarbonPlus provides maximum extreme odor neutralization
  • Lightweight
Size: 35-Lb. Bag