Higgins Mayan Harvest Celestial For All Parrots (3-Lbs.)

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This diet brings together exotic, natural ingredients and holistic herbs to create a premium blend free of artificial colors. Mayan Harvest has three products specifically formulated for Large Hookbills. The Celestial Mix is typified by its whole cinnamon sticks which birds love to grasp and strip. Celestial also has such prime ingredients as: whole apricots, roasted soybean, roasted green split peas, roasted garbanzo beans, cherries, cranberries, Brazil nuts, sweet peppers, black beans, kidney beans and many more. The herbs rosemary and bee pollen are also added. 


  • Contains cinnamon sticks, cranberries and sage
  • Rich in balanced DHA Omega-3 and protected probiotics

Size: 3-Lb. Bag