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Next Gen Pet Green Tea Fresh Cat Litter (5-Lb.)

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Next Gen All Natural Green Tea Leaves Clumping Cat Litter is Made from Recycled Wood and Green Tea Powder. Wood and Green Tea Naturally Suppress The Growth Of Bacteria and Odors In The Litter Box. Next Gen Cat Litters Clump, Flush, Compost, And They Area Extremely Lightweight. One 6 Pound Bag Will Last One Cat for up to 6 Weeks. Fill Your Cat's Litter Box with 2 to 4 Inches of Green Tea Leaves Cat Litter and Scoop the Waste Material Daily. Replace With Additional Litter As Required and Enjoy The Fresh Clean Scent of Wood and Green Tea. 


  • 100-Percent All Natural Odor Control with Green Tea
  • Smaller and lighter clumps
  • Superior Absorbency
  • Compostable
  • Lightweight
Size: 5-Lb. Bag