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Is it hard leaving your pet at home without you? Miss interacting with your pet while you're away? The Petbot Cat and Dog Camera with Treat Dispenser is your purr-fect solution! The cat and dog camera with phone app allows you to check in on your pet even while you're gone! Download the app from either the App Store or Google Play Store (depending on your device) and follow the instructions to connect your Petbot Device to your app. Once you are all set and ready to go, you can use your Petbot to play with your furry friend while away. The Petbot has a unique ability which allows you to maneuver it around to find your pet using its 3 wheels and your app! The built in camera offers HD quality video stream of your pet and allows you to record video and capture photos of your buddy while using the app! the Petbot also has 2 way audio so that both you and your pet can clearly hear each other! The Petbot boasts a number of other fantastic interactive features as well! There is a built in cat and dog treat dispenser, which can load up to 15 treats (up to 1.5" in length) at a time. Press the "Treat Launch" button from the app to reward your pal with a yummy treat from the dog and cat treat dispenser toy! Using the video feed, you can watch as your pet heartily chomps down its favorite treat! The Petbot also has a built in Laser Pointer for Cats and Dogs and you can control the movement of the laser right from within the app!! Watch as your pet excitedly pounces on the laser point as you continue to move it around! This product makes a great gift! At Felix & Fido we are committed to creating high quality, fun, and most of all, safe toys for your pet!


  • Interact with your pet while away
  • 2 way Audio
  • HD Camera for both Video and Photos
  • Treat Dispenser
  • Laser Toy
  • App Controlled