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Playball Automatic Ball Launcher & Thrower For Dogs - Indoor/Outdoor Use. Throwing Distance Settings + 3 Balls Included with our Automatic Dog Ball Launcher

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Brand: Couch Potato


  • The Playball Automatic Ball Launcher for DOGS is VERY EASY TO USE! Your furry friend will LOVE this toy. Launches balls to 3 different distances, This allows your dog to fetch the ball, bring it back and drop it in the hole at the top where it gets ready to auto-launch a few seconds later.
  • Our Automatic Dog Ball Thrower is specifically made for SMALL dogs. The Playball automatically launches smooth, mini-sized balls which are 1.5 inches in diameter. This machine is NOT SUITABLE for large dogs.
  • For INDOOR and OUTDOOR use. Accessories included are a Wall plug (for indoor use) and 3 smooth saliva resistant balls. The Playball Launcher also uses 6 "C" batteries (Not Included) so you can use it outdoors too! This will provide you and your pet with loads of FUN!
  • Light up settings on the Ball Launcher shows the distance setting for three different launching distances depending on the space you have available, making this an awesome toy for indoor use! Light up settings on the Ball Launcher shows the distance setting currently selected (up to 3 to choose from)
  • 3 SMOOTH saliva resistant balls are included. SMOOTH balls are better than classic tennis balls as they are saliva resistant and will not get jammed in the machine. User manual also included in packaging.

Publisher: Couch Potato


The Playball Automatic Ball Launcher for dogs is perfect for indoor (power adapter included) and outdoor use (requires batteries - 6 x "C" cells - not included). The Playball has 3 levels of ball-launching power depending on the setting selected. An indicator light easily helps you identify which mode you have selected.

The Playball Launcher can keep your dog healthy and happy! You can interact with your pet through this Launcher or you can train your furry friend to use the Playball Launcher on their own! Comes with 3 mini sized (1.5 inch) balls made of a smooth material to avoid the balls getting jammed up in the launcher like the standard tennis balls do.

Included in the box is a full training manual and user guide to help you train your dog to use and enjoy from the Playball Automatic Ball Launcher for dogs.

3 Distance settings with power button with Blue LED to indicate power setting/level. Note, the ball shooting power levels are slightly lower than the competition for safety and to help protect you and your dog.

This product makes a great gift!!

Troubleshooting: There are clear instructions on the manual in the box that explain how to retrieve a ball that gets stuck. To clarify, the balls get stuck when they are loaded into the launcher either when it's off or too quickly.please go through the manual carefully before use. The balls are made of a firm foam material which does not absorb moisture from the pet's mouth thereby ensuring that the balls do not get jammed in the machine. Some pet owners have complained that dogs that chew a lot do not do well with these balls. If your pet prefers a tennis ball, any 1.5" diameter ball will work in this machine (like the x-small Kong SqueakAir balls). Customer satisfaction is our #1 Priority for out automatic dog ball thrower!

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