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Playdot Interactive Laser Toy By Felix & Fido.

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The PLAYDOT led pointer for cats is made with high quality standards by FELIX and FIDO. The Playdot runs on 3 "AA" batteries thereby making it totally portable and reducing the risk of trip hazard with no plugs to worry about. The Playdot is also very lightweight making it a great portable option. The Playdot can keep your kitty happy and healthy with 4 various modes that allow you to either "set and forget" so your pet can play on their own or use the still mode to interact with your pet. The first mode is a slow-speed mode, where the Playdot automatically rotates the led light at a slow speed in a basic circular motion. The second mode is a fast-speed mode, where the led will move in a basically circular motion, but at a faster speed. The third automatic mode is the advanced mode. Here, the machine will switch between the fast and slow modes as well as "freeze" the light every so often so the cat feels like it can "pounce". The final mode holds the light in one place and you can use this as a handheld toy to interact with your cat while they play. Remember, setting the Playdot down in different places (like on a table pointing towards the floor, or on the floor pointing up at the wall) and at different distances will produce a different effect. The Playdot interactive led cat toy automatic shut off function will turn the unit off after 30 minutes automatically. This product makes a great gift too! The Playdot should not be used by any pet/child without proper adult supervision.