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Safe Haven XL - ALL METAL Small Animal Hut by Felix & Fido

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The Safe Haven XL by Felix & Fido is an all-metal hut designed for Chinchillas, Ferrets, Hedgehogs and all other small animals is a safe hut for your animal to hideaway in. It is the stylish and luxury version of its smaller Safe-Haven Counterpart. Its solid, yet safe construction with completely rounded edges and no sharp corners allow for a safe and permanent solution to basically disposable wooden hideaway huts. all door openings are large enough for larger Chinchillas.This small animal "mansion" is large, and its the best way to spoil your small animal and take their hideaway hut adventures to the NEXT LEVEL! 

It features a fold-able ramp area for easy storage as well! and is made of 100 percent metal with a textured surface for very good safe grip for your pet.


A great feature of use with Chinchillas is its uses for cooling. as the metal stays much cooler then wood, and can also be chilled(in the fridge or freezer) for a cool environment.


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