Soggy Doggy

Soggy Doggy Doormat (Large, Beige/Red)

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The super absorbent, Soggy Doggy Doormat absorbs more water and dirt than a typical doormat, dries faster, and remains bacteria and odor-free too. The microfiber chenille noodles are so soft and snuggly, dogs enjoy sleeping on these doormats too. They work beautifully as crate-liners and travel beds too. Perfect for the back door, back of the car, the couch, the crate, anywhere a wet dog goes, the Soggy Doggy Doormat can go too. Easy-care machine wash and dry.


  • The microfiber chenille is machine washable and dryer friendly, for a quick clean.
  • This doormat has a non-slip backing, keeping it in place.
  • The material is perfect for absorbing excess water and trapping dirt brought in by the pup!
Color: Beige/Red
Size: 36-Inch by 60-Inch