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WYSONG Biotic pH+ Dog and Cat Food Supplement (10-Oz.)

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Wysong Biotic pH+™ is a cat and dog supplement designed for pets needing assistance generating and maintaining an alkaline urine to help prevent oxalate, urate or cystine crystal formation. Wysong Biotic pH+™ dog and cat supplement restores proper mineral balance and metabolism such that a more alkaline (basic) urine is generated. Biotic pH+™ helps treat and naturally prevent oxalate, urate and cystine urolith/crystal formation by promoting and alkaline urine, and also combats metabolic acidosis -- an insidious problem that can adversely impact health in many ways. Unlike various medications, Wysong Biotic pH+™ is very easy to work with -- simply sprinkle onto your pet's food according to the guidelines on the label!


  • Prevents oxalate, urate, or cystine crystal formation
  • Restores proper mineral balance and metabolism
  • Combats metabolic acidosis
  • Designed for use with dogs or cats
Size: 10-Oz. Bottle