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Zoo Med Aquatic Turtle Food (1.6-Oz.)

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The #1 Aquatic turtle food has gone natural and is now available in 3 pellet sizes and protein levels (Hatchling Growth and Maintenance Formulas). Each has been scientifically formulated to meet the dietary requirements of aquatic turtles at each of their life stages. The Hatchling formula is higher in protein to accommodate the rapid growth rates of hatchling and juvenile aquatic turtles. The Growth and Maintenance formulas meet the dietary requirements of growing and adult aquatic turtles.  Zoo Meds pellets float making it easier for aquatic turtles who prefer eating at the water surface to locate their food.


  • Formulated to ensure nutrition at different stages
  • Contains proper protein levels
  • Ideal for most species of aquatic turtles
  • Ensures shell development and healthy internal organs
Size: 1.6-Oz.Bottle